The Perfect Full Irish

August 6, 2018

I feel in recent years we have somewhat taken the full Irish for granted. Often used as a “hangover cure” or we get it because it is served in the hotel that we are staying at. Also, it gets a bad name a being unhealthy, which is slightly harsh if proper ingredients are used and cut down on what is cooked in oil. It can be a nice weekend breakfast or supper option. For this dish we are using Rosscarbery recipes, these grill well and there is very little fat running left in the tray after which is a sign of natural meat.

Scout Rules:

  • ‍Beans should be served in a ramekin or as a side.
  • Plates should be nice a warm for serving
  • Barry’s Tea only (nah Lyons will do if you must)
  • Real butter is best
  • Tomatoes must be cut through the belly
  • If you are making the bean start with these as they can always be warmed up


  • ‍Rosscarbery Rashers – Grilled approx. 5-10 mins
  • Rosscarbery Sauages  – Grilled approx. 10-12 mins
  • Rosscarbery Pudding – Grilled approx. 7-10 mins
  • Scrambled Eggs – Small drop of Clona milk, plenty of ground black pepper
  • Baked beans – See Recipe
  • Grilled Tomatoes – little drizzle of oil and plenty of herbs (thyme, rosemary)
  • Mushrooms  - little oil and plenty of ground black pepper
  • Brown bread – See Recipe

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